Are you tired of feeling stuck? 


I'm Fatima, a Christian Career + Life Coach. I help women just like you get unstuck, gain clarity and take action on their goals. I'm not sure how you found me, but I believe in divine timing. If you're here it's for a reason.

Does any of these statements resonate with you?:

  • "I've been stuck in a negative mindset for a long time. I feel like my life isn't going anywhere."
  • "I have felt distant from God lately and I constantly feel like something is missing in my life."
  • "I feel stuck at a job that "just pays the bills". I want to do something fulfilling."
  • "I have an idea of what I should be doing, but I have no clue how to start." 
  • "I am interested in learning more about working with you, but I've never tried coaching and I don't know what to expect."


"Before meeting with Fatima I was stuck in a horrible rut and depression. I was extremely unhappy with all aspects of my life, work and health. I just knew something had to change and I needed help getting started. I was adamant about not starting the New Year with the same funky mindset. I learned from Fatima, it is okay to be myself, and shouldn't live up to the expectation or views that others already have of me, and live for myself. She also helped me see the bigger picture, decipher actions I need to implement to succeed in the different aspect of my life I wanted to see improvements. I walked away with a greater sense of self-independence, help with improving my blog and living up to my calling. If you're on the fence about hiring her I would say, just do it!" 

-Stefanie Campbell

"I’d rate our session as a 5 out of 5! Before hiring Fatima I’d been unable to get a job that I truly desired. I was also unable to surpass the interview for jobs that I did want. She was very punctual as well as consistent with communication (phone calls). I would wish that phone meetings had a longer duration, but the quality of calls are great nonetheless."

-Chauncey Glenn

"Fatima seamlessly blended faith throughout the coaching exercises. I enjoyed that the session made me think and visualize my end goal. Prior to that I didn’t have a plan, but after meeting with her, I realized that my goals are attainable. Fatima is very attentive to your end goals and makes it easy to put your ideas and thoughts into action. If you're on the fence just meet with her, you won’t regret it!"

-Luny Nicholas

"Since I graduated university, I’ve been battling feelings of doubt, disappointment, and insecurity in regards to my career. Meeting with Fatima has made me realize how low my self-esteem is in regards to my mind and my abilities. Now that I am truly aware of how deeply rooted my issue is, I am more than willing to take the steps to change. I would definitely recommend you to a friend or whomever because this consultation did not feel trite, awkward, or filled with judgment. Honestly, it felt as if I was speaking to a friend. However, since you do not know me, it was great to listen to a stranger’s opinion so that I may view my issues through another perspective. I received so much clarity from our consultation since you are quite keen and perceptive. Therefore, I have no doubt that others will find her help beneficial to their lives. "

-Alaina Houser